Even as a child, I have always loved to journal.  I constantly would bring my thoughts through my pen to the paper.  My journal was private, but sometimes I liked to share certain parts.  If I was upset by my parents, arguing with a friend, or maybe had a great day at school, I would record my thoughts in my journal.  Throughout my life, I have kept my habit of writing.  Sometimes, I will veer away from it for short periods of time but I always come back.  Now, I have a huge stack of journals stashed away and it’s amazing to see how I have changed over the years.  Later, as a teacher, I taught my students to enjoy their journal writing time.  There was nothing more exciting than to see my students pull out their journals without my prompting in their free time. I created this site to share my love for journaling with others.  I hope that you learn to love to journal as well!

Twila Godinez