Writer’s block is one of the biggest obstacle we face when creating our journals.  Picture this:  You have finally blocked out a chunk of time out of your busy schedule to devote to your journal.  You have been waiting for this chance to have some uninterrupted time to write to your heart’s content.  Finally, you sit down in your cozy chair with a warm cup of tea on the side table.  You pick up your favorite pen and open to the next page and……


You’re stuck.  It feels like your brain has decided to take a last minute hiatus and you can’t think of a single thing to write.  You tap your pen on the page willing the words to spill out.  Still nothing.  Zero, zilch, nada.

It happens to us all.  It’s unavoidable.  However, there are ways to get around it and to sometimes trick your creative juices into flowing.  I taught my students several strategies when I required a certain amount of journalling from them each day.  Also, I had a list of journal topics they could chose from at any time.  In this section, I will provide some journal writing topics and suggestions for different situations.

Writer’s Block Ends Here!