by Twila Godinez | 10:11 pm

There are many benefits to daily journal writing.  Hal Elrod in The Miracle Morning points out several of the benefits of including journalling (or scribing as he calls it) in your morning routine:

  • Gain Clarity
  • Capture Ideas
  • Review Lessons
  • Acknowledge Your Progress.

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron instructs the readers to write daily morning pages for at least 20 minutes a day.  While there is little structure to what the morning pages should include, the point is that you should be spending a chunk of time writing everyday to help foster your creativity and exercise your imagination.

Janet Conner teaches the reader to use journal writing to develop spiritually in Writing Down Your Soul.  Lisa Hickman uses daily journal writing to help with Bible Study in Writing in the Margins.  Many therapists use journal writing to aide their patients in healing many traumas.

Finally, daily journal writing provides a record of your history.  Who can question the importance of being able to read the journal written by Anne Frank? Who knows who might benefit from reading your daily reflections someday in the future?

I personally write in my journal every day (almost).  Many times I need to sort through ideas or situations.  It helps me to dump the contents of my brain onto paper.  I have written many letters in my journal that will never be delivered.  Something about putting the pen to paper helps release the emotions and soothe the soul.



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