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What is Writer’s Block?

Writer’s block is a very real condition in which a writer loses the ability to produce new work, or experiences a creative slowdown.  Thankfully, most of the time writers blocks are temporary although time can seem to be endless while in the midst of a block.

What causes Writer’s Block?

It is almost impossible to determine exactly why Writer’s Block happens.  Sometimes, it can be a result of an emotional or physical disturbance the writer is experiencing.  Some writers work better with pressure and deadlines, but those same pressures can cause anxiety for others.  The most frustrating thing about writer’s block is that often it springs up for no particular reason.

How to overcome Writer’s Block?

This is a very individual answer.  Some writers can get back into their creative state by reading another person’s work.  Writing prompts can help get past a writer’s block.  Stream of conscious writing, when you simply write anything and everything going through your mind, can often get the author back into rhythm.  Even just writing quotes or letters can get the brain tricked back into the creative flow.

Personally, I rarely get a serious block.  I can almost always find something to write about even if it’s just whatever is running through my mind at that particular moment.  However, there are times that I am simply not in the mood to write.  On these occasions, I tend to pick up a book and just give myself permission not to write.  Either way, I know that once I overcome the block, many times the work that follows is very inspired or extra creative.  It makes me wonder if writer’s block might be a signal of my growth as a writer.




Hello here. I guess that the phrase Writers block is most searched. It is so actual for everybody who writes simple list or book about woodpeckers.
I read that it is better to write something compare with the writing not at all.
We can have notebook, briefly sketch some ideas when more words do not show in the head. Later on these ideas can be a frame for bigger creations.
All the best, happy writing, Nemira.

Apr 04.2017 | 12:32 am


    I agree! Writing something is better than not writing at all. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy the site!

    Apr 04.2017 | 12:37 am


Hello and thanks for sharing, I believe that all of us at some point have run into have writer’s block, the good part is that this is something that can be fixed. There are days when it may seem like nothing is flowing. The advice that you have given here is so awesome, I am sure that your readers will love what you are sharing. Your post is well detailed and easy to follow.

Apr 04.2017 | 04:16 pm


As a blogger, I know exactly how it feels to suffer from writer’s block, especially during my early stages. I think there was a guru who once said that writer’s block is an excuse for bloggers not to write lol.

I can certainly relate to your own experiences too. If I ever get writer’s block, I search Google and Youtube for inspiration and ideas that I can blog about.

I’ve also heard that daily writing prompt websites are a great way to motivate people and get bloggers into the daily habit of writing content.


Apr 08.2017 | 09:27 am


Interesting blog you got there. I come to writer’s block occasionally. What I do personally is that, I don’t force it. I leave my work there and go do something else to take my mind out of it for a while.

Sometime some good ideas pop up that way on how to develop my subject a little more or what direction to give it.

I try to focus on a few things:

1) Who am I writing for
2) About what am I writing
3) What my readers already know and what he (she) want to learn
4) How can I write it to them in a way that it would be engaging and interesting

Apr 10.2017 | 06:57 pm


Hey Twila:

Your last idea that perhaps writer’s block is a signal of your growth as a writer intrigued me.

I have thought on that my own self. Often when the flow in the Writer Channel stops it seems that I am missing the one little bit of sparkle or heartfulness that makes my “meh” content come alive or get more real.

When I take the time to find that missing piece, it seems, the words start flowing again.

I have never had a block last for days and weeks and months, although I am aware that many very excellent writers do. Maybe it’s partly because my pen is never very far and there’s always paper somewhere around me.

I don’t think I can think any more without a pencil in my hand….

Apr 27.2017 | 06:18 pm


Short, simple and to the point.

I am relatively new to writing and I experience writer’s block often.

I suppose that the more experienced you get, the less you become blocked…

I usually read articles related to my interests, watch a movie or some youtube videos in order to jump start my creativity once more.

My greatest pieces are inspired at random times, usually when I have given myself a break from trying to find inspiration.


Apr 29.2017 | 01:07 pm


In my early stages of blogging, I struggled with perfection. Perfect grammar, perfect use of expression, punctuation and such – it took me almost a week to write just one post.

I figured out that was too slow so I relaxed a little. Currently, I could write up to 3 articles per week (if I have the time) but my biggest writers block is how to get ideas to connect to one another, whether they are within an article or between two articles.

Sometimes, I feel like I am stuck in my own maze of thoughts and actually need a big canvas to lay out the points so that I know where they are going.

I never considered writers block as a signal of becoming a writer, but now that you mentioned, it may probably be.

Sep 02.2017 | 11:16 am


This is where I struggle as a blogger. What to write next. Some weeks it seems the words just flow out and I have too many ideas and others nothing comes to me. I’ve figured the best way for me is use the times I have the writing flowing to blog away but save it in draft for another day. Then I don’t feel guilty that I can’t write this week. I always have something to say even when I don’t. I do like reading to take me away from my problems too. I never thought about using it to beat the block.

Nov 07.2017 | 05:35 am

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